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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure.

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How do I become better at leading a brand?

How do mid-career professionals get special mentoring for career growth? How do I get promoted?

How do I switch my career to a different industry?

How to write an executive resume and brand myself?

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What Sets Us Apart

Particularly for One-off Behavioral Development Workshops, these are some of our flagship solutions which we can customize and implement in Organizations in Blended Experiential Workshops with Virtual Simulations, Cases & Storytelling

Get to Know Us

We have set our ground rules and these form the basics of everything we do at HumanAlpha. With a team like this, even the most difficult ground rules for a better working world seem easier. This is what has set us apart from others and this is what makes us better every day. 

Leadership Development Program

We work with Businesses in Building Leadership Capabilities. We have identified Core Leadership Competencies as part of HumanAlpha's Unique Leadership Competency Framework. We customize and facilitate these Programs through Highly Experiential methodologies that include Workshops, Virtual Simulations, Coaching, and On the Job Projects


Coaching and mentoring for  Mid-Career professionals

HumanAlpha has always been and always will cater to specific types of individuals with a zeal. We also have a special purpose towards the working women and Mid-Career individuals who wish to open their feathers and fly up the ladder. We believe in having a great working atmosphere and also in providing equal opportunities.

Personal and Professional branding

We cater something challenging for the achievers who want to be the greatest asset of any organization. Building a professional identity lets you leverage it for years to come and also be recognized in the industry.

You might have the knowledge and are willing to help people, but unless you showcase, you help nobody. On the other hand, looking to be hunted by the biggest organizations in the industry also needs you to be strong in the way you showcase yourself.


HumanAlpha has been instrumental for individuals to land in their dream companies.

Career Transition Programme

The first big move or the next big move in your career! It needs the utmost care and precision before arriving at a decision. We dive deep into your capabilities and explore possible opportunities. HumanAlpha is experienced to assist you in making that choice of your career. This could be your moment that you have been hesitant to make.