The Ideology of HumanAlpha

HumanAlpha is a manifestation of common values of Empathy & Unconditional Love towards People from its Core Founders - Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri.




At HumanAlpha, we believe that Every Human and Every Organization is Special and is destined towards Greatness, with infinite Potential to Create Value that would make this a Beautiful World for the coming times.


And this belief fuels our Intent, To “Make a Difference” to Every Human we meet and to Every Organization Brand we work with in their Journey towards Greatness.


We believe in the “Law of Attraction” and we attract, build relationships and partner with:

  • People across Genders, Age & Professions in their Transformation as Leaders in Life & Career

  • Organizations across Sizes, Industries, Geographies & Cultures in their Brand Transformation as Great Places to Work.

At HumanAlpha:

  • Every Individual / Customer / Vendor  is a "Partner" in the HumanAlpha Ecosystem

  • Every Project / Program / Engagement is a Long term "Relationship" built with care and empathy to enable Greatness, Happiness & Sustained Growth.


The HumanAlpha Methodology for:

  • “People Growth & Transformation” integrates Core Strengths (Competencies), Values & Clarity in Purpose through a combination of Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitated Blended Experiential learning.

  • “Brand Growth & Transformation” integrates Business Strategy & Execution with Brand Value Proposition, Cultural Alignment, People Practices Alignment and Technology Interventions through a combination of Advisory, Implementation Consulting and Alignment & Development of Leadership to drive the Growth Story.

Our Vision:
Making a Difference to the World each day by inspiring Greatness in every Person we meet and Every Brand associated with HumanAlpha.

Our Mission:
To build a Beautiful World by helping People & Organizations Grow as Great Brands for the future. 

We live Our Values Inside Out in our Everyday Experiences in the HumanAlpha Ecosystem: 

Empathy: Emotions & Relationships complete Humans, We channelize Greatness through Empathy

Simplicity: The Solution to Every Challenge is Simple, We enable Greatness by keeping things Simple.

Humility: Our Intellect, Expertise & Outcomes will be Exceptional forever, We shall remain Humble forever.

Integrity: Our Relationships, Our Success, Our Happiness and Our Growth shall be symbolized by Integrity.

Passion to “Make a Difference”: Every Thought, Idea & Solution shall reflect Passion to “Make a Difference”

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