• Mahesh Sheshadri

Driving Customer Success through Customer Experiences

HumanAlpha recently facilitated a high impact Workshop using Experiential Learning Methodology & Human Centered Design Thinking for Customer Relationship Management Teams.

The Workshop focused on building "Foundations of Customer Success" for the budding Team of Call Center Professionals.

+ Empathy: The Core for Understanding the Customer leading to a special Customer Experience

+ Active Listening: To offer Unique Value Proposition for each new customer every time

+ Patience: To manage different customer personas & needs and effective time and stress management

+ Creating Unique Personalized Customer Experiences

+ Building Connect with the Customer with human centered thinking & genuine dialogues

Facilitated by Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri, The Workshop was designed to drive the business objectives:

+ To be Brand Evangelists in a B2C Model

+ To Create Value & "Make a Difference" to the Customer

+ To transition from Customer Satisfaction to Customer Success through high impact Customer Experiences across Customer touch-points in the Customer Journey Map.

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