• Vijayashree Venkat

Emotional Intelligence for Senior Leadership Team

I recently conducted a series of Experiential Workshops on "Emotional Intelligence" as part of a Senior Leadership Development Program.

In a nutshell, Emotional Intelligence (popularized by Daniel Goleman) emphasizes the need for:

+ Self Awareness

+ Managing Emotions

+ Motivation

+ Empathy

+ Social Skills

The Workshop was delivered through highly experiential techniques of Practicing Mindfulness, Reflection, Role Plays & Case Studies.

The Biggest Takeaways being:

1. Emotional Intelligence is about managing emotions of Self and the Ability to Understanding other's emotions - in personal & professional relationships.

2. Learning never stops... A Leader has to unlearn and learn continuously towards becoming a Greater Leader.

3. Leadership comes with Responsibility. The Responsibility to Create Leaders for the Future.

It was an enriching experience for the Leaders and to me as a facilitator.

"Successful Leaders have high Emotional Quotient (EQ) which correlates with their accelerated Growth journey."

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