Execution Excellence: Driving Business Transformation by Execution

Experiential Workshop on "Execution Excellence: Driving Business Transformation by Execution".

Experiential Workshop on "Execution Excellence: Driving Business Transformation by Execution"

HumanAlpha recently facilitated a high impact Workshop for the Senior Leadership Team of P & L Heads & Technology Leaders of a leading India-headquartered International provider of high-quality higher education services.

Experiential Activity: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Experiential Activity: Goal Setting based on Balanced Scorecard

The Workshop focused on:

+ Translating Strategy to Execution

+ Aligning Strategy, People, Operations & Technology

+ Building an Execution Culture based on Accountability & Goal Orientation

+ Identification of Holistic Execution Drivers correlated to Business Outcomes

+ Creation of Execution Processes & Execution Metrics to drive Goals

+ Execution Framework based on Execution Metrics Dashboard: Lead & Lag Metrics

+ Applying Project Management principles for Monitoring & Tracking Execution

Experiential Activity: Business Case Analysis

Experiential Activity: Business Simulation

HumanAlpha offers this workshop for CXOs, Functional Heads & Senior Leaders through a blend of:

  • Online Simulations

  • Cases

  • Story telling by Influencers

  • Assessments

  • Videos

  • War Rooms to drive the desired impact.

Wall of Expression from the Senior Leadership Team

If you are interested, do connect at vijayashree.venkat@human-alpha.com / mahesh.sheshadri@human-alpha.com or call +919606299899 / +919845793855.













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