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HumanAlpha Value Chain Pyramid for Startups and SMBs

The HumanAlpha Value Chain Pyramid is an Encapsulation of Our Holistic & Agile Solution to the Business Needs of a Start-up or Small & Medium Sized Enterprise CEO, Leadership Team and Investors.

Our Brand Enablement Journey begins from instituting "Clarity & Alignment" and spans across Implementing Systems and Practices to "Get-Fit" and Partnering with Leadership to "Grow & Sustain" in 12 to 18 Months.

Our approach for Deploying the Moving up the Value Chain Pyramid Concept:

Top of the Pyramid: Growth Partnering with the Leadership Team & Key Stakeholders to drive Sustained Growth (Revenue/Bottom Line/Cash Flow/Scale)

Middle of the Pyramid: Implementation of Systems & Practices by aligning Strategy, People & Operations

Bottom of the Pyramid: Goal Setting & Strategy Alignment, People & Process Alignment and Cultural Transformation

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