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Leadership Development Program for Muthoot Finance: M-Lead

"You made me a Champion at Work & in Life"

"I am not looking at this as a Training, I treat this as a Career changing experience!".

"I express my gratitude for these 6 Days & the Coaching Sessions. Thank you Vijayashree Ma'm & Mahesh Sir"

"This Program is more than an increment or a promotion in my career!".

"I feel happy through the self-awareness I gained through the program. I feel you (Vijayashree) are like a lighthouse showing me the directions to my life & career".

"Every module was so well designed. I have been able to identify my inner-self, learnt the importance of gratitude & forgiving.".

It was inspiring words like the above that marked the culmination of 90 Days of Leadership Development Program for Muthoot Finance.

We are humbled to experience the many inspiring growth stories & transformations of People during the Program.

We have seen People emerge out of their comfort zones and take strides in their road to transformation as Leaders for future.

The story is only beginning, as we move forward towards Creating more Leaders, Build the desired Culture & DNA across the Organization.

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