• Mahesh Sheshadri

Leadership Development Program for Start-ups

"Emerging Leaders Program" for Functional Heads of a Technology Start-up.

HumanAlpha is conducting an intensive 3 months long term Leadership Development Program for the Functional Leaders of a Technology Start-up.

The Program has been designed keeping in perspective the needs from the CEO who wanted the Program to 'enable and empower' his next in Line Leaders to drive the Business in terms of:

  • Revenue Growth: 10X

  • Delivery Excellence: 100% Service Levels

  • Customer Success: World Class Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Program has been designed as a Development Series to develop "Leadership from within" and some of the core competencies are:

  1. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

  2. Management by Metrics

  3. Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

  4. Driving High Performance Teams

  5. Project Management as a Discipline... and more

HumanAlpha offers this Leadership Development Program with a combination of

  1. Experiential Learning based on simulations, storytelling, case studies, group/individual exercises

  2. Fortnightly One-on-One Coaching with each of the Heads assigned a Business Leader as a designated Coach.

  3. On the Job Strategic Initiative, to translate learning into tangible Business Outcomes.

Feel free to connect to learn more or to replicate similar success stories in your Team :)









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