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Business HR Certifications from HumanAlpha Learning Academy

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

HumanAlpha Learning Academy is happy to present “Business HR Certifications” for HR Professionals.

Our Objective:

To build the Next Generation Human Resource Professionals who can add Strategic Value to Businesses by enabling Growth, Agility and Competitive Advantage.

The Future of HR demands HR Professionals to be Trusted Advisors to Business & People, with great focus on Strategy, Analytics and Talent.

In alignment to this need, HumanAlpha has designed 3 Key HR Certifications for the Next Generation:

1. Strategic HR Business Partner

+ Driving Businesses (Revenue, Profit) through People, Process & Culture

+ Aligning People Practices to drive Business | Impact of Processes & Policies | Cultural Transformation

2. HR Analytics

+ Driving Businesses through Talent Management & Technology

+ What to measure | How to Measure using Systems | Applying Strategic Thinking to drive Growth based on Analytics

3. Talent Acquisition Professional:

+ Driving Businesses through Hiring of Right Fit Talent

+ Competency Framework of Talent | Best Practices, Tools & Techniques: Tests, Interviews, Hackathon, Social Media, Referrals

4. Statutory HR Compliance:

+ Comprehensive coverage of Statutory Regulations

+ Employment Laws, Labour Law, Compensation, Industry specific Laws, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Maternity Benefit, Payment of Gratuity, Payment of Wages and more.

+ Best Practice examples of Application of Statutory Compliance during and after lockdown.

Connect with Vijayashree Venkat / Mahesh Sheshadri to know more.

We look forward to "Make a Difference" !

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