• Mahesh Sheshadri

Time Management Workshop: Driving Productivity & Personal Effectiveness

Does Work-Life Balance hold relevance in today' age, where People have chosen "Love what you do, and Do what you Love" as the new definition of Work ?

Can the use of Smart-phone at work be a time-waster, when Apps have been created to boost productivity?

Managing Time effectively has undergone revolutionary changes with the advent of Technology, where one can get things done with a click or swipe.

Automation is a continuous outcome of Human Design, with the intent to improve personal effectiveness and professional breakthrough.

The Reality is... It's about how one can leverage what we have created, without getting addicted and yet maximize one's time to invest more in Self Development and Relationships for a Greater Life & Career.

What you do with your time, is the manifestation of How much you Love yourself and How you align your life, your goals, your career based on this clarity on yourself.

HumanAlpha recently conducted an Experiential Workshop on "Driving Productivity & Personal Effectiveness through Superior Time Management" for the Young Engineers of a Billion Dollar Germany based Manufacturing Corporate.

We will be happy to share more, and implement customized behavioral & leadership development modules for your Team or Organization.

Do connect to discuss further.

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